How It Works

How It Works

Your Address

Enter your address on our front page and we’ll check if you live inside our service area. If so, we we’ll display the delivery cost.

Sign Up

Create an account, either via facebook or enter your information. When you have an account you will be able to see previous orders, reorder them and create subscriptions.

Add Products

Add products to your cart and adjust the quantity on the checkout page to save time. You can also add products by recipe under Recipes & Articles.

Choose Delivery Day & Time

Place the order and choose what delivery day and time that suits you. Write a short delivery instruction if okay to leave package by the door or in the lobby.

Receive Delivery

Our driver will not call if you choosed the morning time. In that case he will leave the package at your door (or in the lobby) and you will have fresh fruit to your breakfast.

Save Time & Sign Up For A Subscription

If you are happy with our service, sign up for a weekly or biweekly subscription to save loads of time and make sure you always have fresh produce in your fridge. You can cancel the subscription whenever.


Check if we are in your neighborhood

The only fee added to your order will be the delivery fee. If you live outside our zones, email us and let us know that your are interested

Verify your Address

Refund Policy

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